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Dylan, Rosie, Joel (Y6)

Sonia, Morgan, Rupan (Y5)


Chloe, Jamie, Krish (Y4)​

Oscar, Eshan, Che (Y3)​

​The Learning Squad was established to enable greater pupil participation in decision making.

The ​research the Learning Squad carries out ensures that pupils are able to participate fully in shaping important aspects of the work of the school and significantly raises standards in well-being.

The Learning Squad are children from Year 3 to Year 6. Following a series of introductory sessions the pupils become expert researchers in school. Sessions highlight various aspects of research:

​What is research?
What do researchers do?
What can we find out from research?
How do we collect data?
How do we analyse data?

​The Learning Squad discuss areas that they would like to research within the school. These may include the school library, reward systems, behaviour charter, teaching and learning and pupils' well-being in school. The pupils choose the area they would like research. All the discussions are child-led and the member of staff acts as a facilitator.

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