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Welcome to our Eco Club page

 Our Eco Club runs fortnightly after school on Thursdays


We gained our Platinum Eco Flag in July 2013 and have continued to build on this success. Our Eco Committee is very active and regularly reports to the rest of the school in assemblies. Every class in the school is involved plays an active role.


We are very good at recycling paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, batteries, ink cartridges and composting our fruit waste. Lights and computers are switched off after use and class monitors help with this. Taps are switched off and we use our water butts in the playground to collect rainwater for watering plants.


We have been planting flowers and vegetables in the playground and our raised beds have looked fabulous this year.



Here is our current Eco Code, written by Daniel in Year 6.



Our Eco code


    Planting trees is good,                     

    Oil must not be wasted,

    Light should not be wasted,

    Little electricity should be used,

    Use , reuse, reduce and recycle,

    Think about where to put rubbish,

    It’s important not to waste resources,

    Over-fishing is bad,            

    Never leave a tap dripping.                       


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